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We, at, represent an inspirational, everyday, relaxing, informative and entertaining website, a web-magazine, with visitors from the global community, especially from the U.S.A., Europe and China. Our targeted audience represents an emerging movement of ambitious, intelligent, youthful adults who want to be happy and successful, who spend their free-time surfing and getting inspired by what they find in our website. Above all, they have a good time. This participatory group of creative, educated, media savvy trend-setters comprises the young movers and shakers shaping the modern audience which shapes the form of the internet and decides which websites are going to be successful and which not.

Our evolving website is seeking as affiliates, top companies in their kind, for partnerships that help businesses spread their brand, communicate their message while engaging our audience in a powerful way. They can do this, by promoting their own websites or message in a twofold way: either by forever committing a special entry in our website, promulgating their own message or by using a specific number of impressions, ALL the banners in our website, boosting again in the eyes of our visitors their message and their company. Our website is “identified” with your business, we become one. We guide our public to navigate to your hands. We set and send a meaning clear. The special entry has a dedicated space in our home page, which links to a page with short messages and a variety of photos, all of your choice, meaningful to your point to be communicated. It also links directly to your website.

You are experienced in such campaigns we are not going to discuss their merits, we are only going to promise that we can execute it perfectly.


If you are interested in such advanced ways of promotion, for more details please contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Kindest Regards, The NT Team.






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